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 Novarossi Gasket (Hi Temp) 21000/2
Novarossi's special high temp exhaust gasket for (.21), These gaskets last even longer than the awes..
Novarossi's new Conical header. This header is based on the 41021 short header The Conical desing..
Novarossi 2096 SS
Super strong version of Novarossi's 2096 pipe which provides slightly higher rpm and greater fuel ec..
Novarossi 41020
Novarossi's long header. Long headers provide power/ tourqe at a lower rpm at the expense of some hi..
Novarossi 41021
Novarossi's short header, Short headers give more rpm and power highr in the rpm range at the expens..
Novarossi 41029 Mugen
This is Novarossi's compact short header desinged for Mugen buggys, it has a tighter bend which brin..
Novarossi 41030
Novarossi's long compact header for Mugen. This header has a tighter bend which brings the pipe clos..
Novarossi 9901 SS
Super strong version of Novarossi's popular 9901 pipe ..
Novarossi Gasket 21000
Novarossi exhaust gasket .21. Novarossi gaskets will usually last twice as long or more than mo..
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