Mugen MBX7 Chassis

Mugen MBX7 Chassis
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These chassis are made using 1/8 inch(3.25mm) thick 7075 aircraft grade materials and clear anodized.

we have tested and tweeked these chassis to provide the racers a top notch chassis that will perform very well on all surfaces.

this model is made for the tracks with a high wear charastics such as we have in western states , up north and canada .

our testers noticed a little more drop in the front end due to extra 5 grams of weight in the front skid plate, but not enough to

effect handling and added to turn in , and foward bite  in most cases.

this model will give you a much longer chassis life than  other models as you can replace the steel skid plates and be back to a new

chassis thickness.

It is important to note that these skid plates fit flush to the bottom of the chassis and will not effect the droop settings and cause you to

scrub speed on the landings.


hardened droop screw stops to prevent chassis wear and droop changes.

A longer milled out area for the clutchbell to help prevent clutchbells from hitting the chassis during chassis flex.

milled out area for gas tank screws to help keep tanks from cracking.

hardened steel rear skid plate

weight 291 grams

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