Fusion X5L - Lightning .21 5 Port

Fusion X5L - Lightning  .21 5 Port
Fusion X5L - Lightning  .21 5 Port
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Conecting Rod: The conecting rod is Novarossi's exclusive R7 type

Glowplug: The glowplug of this engine is Turbo type glow plug

Sleeve: The sleeve has 5 transfer ports and one exhaust port. 

Crankshaft: The crankshaft is a Turbo spec type. 

Front & Rear Ball Bearing: The rear bearing is Novarossi Steel.

 Rear cover: The rear cover presents a round shape; this minimizes the dead space and allows easy access for quick check-up. 

Carburetor: The carburetor of this engine is of the latest plastic construction and has a sliding throttle valve. 

Base Carburetor Settings: One turn out from flush on the top and 2.5 turns in from flush on the bottom. For breaking in the engines turn out ΒΌ turn from base settings top and bottom and add a few drops of 1M1 NOVAROSSI oil in the glow plug hole and carburetor hole, rotate engine with flywheel 4 or 5 times before first start up. This will prevent a dry start up condition inside the engine.  Warm the engine with heat gun before first start up to loosen engine tolerances. 

Suggested manifolds & tuned pipes: For this engine there are several tuned pipes available:

Manifolds: 41029, 41030, 41005, 41020, 41021.

Tuned pipes: For better fuel economy use EFRA 9901(51016). For more bottom end use EFRA 9953 (51017).

Recommendation: This engine has been developed to be used with a fuel with a maximum of 30% nitro content and with an oil percentage not lower than 10% with 6% being Castor oil. We therefore suggest not using with different percentages compared to the ones specified here above.

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