VRP Patented Shock Pistons

VRP Patented Shock Pistons
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0.5 sec a lap reduction warning!

That's right, Racers are finding on average they are shaving 0.5 seconds off a lap, Some claim up to 1.5 Seconds a lap..  Interested?.. Read on...

VRP's Revolutionary shock pistons use a special valve to give faster rebound (16-23%), This keeps your wheels on the ground giving you more drive

Not only do you get a better handling car with greater drive your car will also jump easier with less resistance from the shock oils giving you a car that will jump at less upramp speed than usual

The pistons are made in the same configuration as your standard types so you simply choose what you like to use (hole and size) and go from there, Your car should feel much the same just faster and more consistent

Used by Tessman, Cavalieri, And our own Kyle Mc'Bride & Craig laughton.  If your not running VRP your simply not in the same race

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